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Acrylics on canvas with augmented reality, 2020, 160cm x 180cm

Michael Fullan, a respected author, and educator, emphasized the significance of having a strong sense of identity in his statement, "when you know who you are, you know what to do." 


This highlights the critical role of upbringing and education in providing individuals with a solid foundation to develop their sense of self. When children are established through wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, they become precious and pleasant riches. As children realize who they truly are and recognize their intrinsic worth and potential, they grow up to become healthy adults. Healthy adults form healthy families, and healthy families form healthy societies. Brought up on a solid foundation children can flourish and are released into their destinies.


The Living Cornerstone I's augmented reality layer aims to inspire positivity and delight in the upbringing of future generations. The imagery of red flowers symbolizes the vitality, passion, and potential of children, thriving together on a robust foundation. This reinforces the significance of a symbiotic relationship between upbringing and education in fostering a prosperous and harmonious society. It enables individuals to flourish and achieve their full potential, creating a better future for all.


How to view the augmented reality layer on this painting

You can experience the augmented reality layer with the ARTIVIVE app, which you can download free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Crank up the volume and view the painting (either the original, printed out on paper or on the computer screen) through your smartphone.

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