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Acrylics on canvas with augmented reality, 2023, 160cm x 180cm

Ethereal Flora I is a message that surpasses the boundaries of time and space, inviting us to delve into the ineffable connection between the divine creator, nature, and humanity. It serves as a symbolic representation of the paradisiacal flowers found in the Garden of Eden—a realm where God's omnipresent presence tenderly nurtured and cherished the entire creation.


"Ethereal Flora I" extends an invitation to the observer, granting them access to the divine presence of God the Creator, allowing them to experience His profound peace, which transcends human comprehension. It serves as an oasis where one can step in and find refreshment, washing away the troubles of this world and immersing oneself in purity.

Through the artivive app, available for free on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, the augmented reality layer brings to life the gentle, undulating movements reminiscent of tranquil waters.


How to view the augmented reality layer on this painting

You can experience the augmented reality layer with the ARTIVIVE app, which you can download free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Crank up the volume and view the painting (either the original, printed out on paper or on the computer screen) through your smartphone.

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