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Acrylics on canvas, 2023, 160cm x 180cm

The Flow Series explores the beauty in unity.

During the summer of 2022, as I snorkeled along the coast of Croatia, I was fascinated by the graceful dance of a school of fish. It was as if I was watching a symphony, with each individual fish contributing to the harmony and unity of the whole. Their bodies sparkled in the sunlight, and I was mesmerized by the breathtaking beauty of their synchronized movements. The oneness of the school of fish was truly captivating.


This made me ponder about the power of individuals coming together as a collective force, working towards a common goal. When people unite, differences in opinion, background, and culture become less important, and instead, the focus shifts towards collaboration, understanding, and empathy. Unity can bring about a sense of belonging, purpose, and hope, and can lead to positive change in various aspects of life, including relationships, communities, and even the world at large. In a world where division and conflict can be prevalent, the beauty of unity is a powerful reminder of our shared humanity and the potential to work together towards a better future.

This instigated me to visually explore the beauty of unity through color, texture, and contrast. To distinguish the individuality and uniqueness of every single element, but at the same time highlight them as a harmonious unified body.


How to view the augmented reality layer on this painting

You can experience the augmented reality layer with the ARTIVIVE app, which you can download free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Crank up the volume and view the painting (either the original, printed out on paper or on the computer screen) through your smartphone.

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