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Acrylics on canvas with augmented reality, 2022, 160cm x 180cm

The Bloom Series is a testament to the transformative power of hope.

In a world that can often feel bleak and unforgiving, Bloom I serves as a poignant reminder that beauty can emerge and thrive, even in the most challenging circumstances. The asteroid in the series represents how lonely life can become when traveling through a hostile environment, but amidst the darkness, there is always hope.

Through the use of augmented reality technology, viewers are able to witness stunning flowers blooming on the asteroid in real-time, choreographed to the beat of the music and synchronized to a divine heartbeat. This imagery symbolizes the supernatural intervention to bring about growth and change.

Bloom I is my personal testimony to this transformative power. It represents my own experience of being healed by Jesus from past hurts and finding a new sense of joy and freedom in life. My hope is that this series will inspire and encourage others who may be struggling with their own hurts and challenges, reminding them that there is always hope for healing and renewal. Nothing is impossible.


How to view the augmented reality layer on this painting

You can experience the augmented reality layer with the ARTIVIVE app, which you can download free of charge from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Crank up the volume and view the painting (either the original, printed out on paper or on the computer screen) through your smartphone.

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